Low-energy buildings

Clear About Carbon

Clear About Carbon is an innovative project in Cornwall with a mission to find new ways to raise awareness among businesses and the public sector about carbon-based gas emissions and their impact on our climate. Working with staff in Cornish SMEs and public sector organisations, the project identifies the most successful ways of getting them actively involved in reducing carbon within their

Journey from wasteland to parkland

The abandoned Bagnoli site in Naples is in the process of radical change. The site has already been the subject of plans and works in recent years on the part of the local region. The decontamination of the zone was previously co-funded by the ERDF in the 2000-2006 programme period. More recently in 2007-2013, the European Investment Bank co-funded other regeneration projects on the site. The

Struttura ricettiva in bioedilizia

Ristrutturazione di fabbricato rurale con tecniche di bioedilizia e utilizzo di energie rinnovabili quale fotovoltaico e solare termico.