Electric Vehicle Charging Management

GRECO (Electric Vehicle Charging Management) meets two important needs: the essential boost to electric car among the citizens, as a key instrument for contributing to environmental sustainability and, on the other hand, the adoption of the Services Directive into Spanish law, in this case to allow free establishment of charging management companies, which supply the electric energy needed for


Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are now at their highest for 3 million years and as a result urban areas are vulnerable to increased temperatures and flooding. Regional spatial planning and urban design can provide solutions that make our communities less vulnerable to these risks. Green infrastructure including gardens, parks, productive landscapes, green corridors, green roofs and

HySy Vision

The Piedmont region in northern Italy is opening up its industries to new forms of hydrogen application in preparation for the new hydrogen industry of tomorrow. HySy Lab brings together research centres, universities and small businesses to develop hydrogen-based projects. Overcoming challenges such as fuel storage on a hydrogen-powered scooter is made easier thanks to the combined expertise

Valutazione del potenziale delle tecnologie legate alle energie rinnovabili

Projects such as this are helping the EU to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by 2020, as set out in the EU 2020 growth strategy. The EU is facing some tough challenges, including an ageing population, an insufficiently qualified workforce, the need for greater innovation, striking a balance between economic growth and environmental degradation, and ensuring secure, clean

Migliorie di carattere ambientale per il trattamento dei rifiuti

Support from the European Regional Development Fund has enabled municipal waste from the city of Salerno, in Italy’s Campania region, to be processed to higher environmental standards.

As a result of the EUR 25 million project, the organic component of household and industrial rubbish is now filtered through the new processing system, which has the capacity to process 30 000

POWERED Project of Offshore Wind Energy: Research, Experimentation, Development

POWERED aims to define a set of strategies and shared methods for the development of the off-shore wind energy in all the Countries overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Such energetic choice could allow a rapid increase of installations, thanks to the reduction of the problems related to landscape topic that are frequently the main obstacles to the creation of wind parks in high density population

Progetto Cavanis Canova

Piano integrato per lo Sviluppo Locale Sostenibile del complesso storico ambientale  dell’Istituto Cavanis Canova di Possagno e dell’area presidiata.

Azioni per il miglioramento delle prestazioni energetico-ambientali dell’edilizia storica secondo i criteri dell’edilizia sostenibile e interventi strutturali