SAM Internet: e-applications for agricultural support in Sweden


SAM Internet is an electronic application system for agricultural support within the Common Agricultural Policy. SAM Internet makes applications by farmers easier, swifter, safer and more entertaining. The majority of applications received by the authorities are almost error-free, and thus save

Localised environmental and health information services

There is a growing demand for real time and integrated environmental and health risk information. Provision of location-based services linked to the state of the environment at particular geographical locations is necessary for improving the quality of life. This is essential for mitigation of environmental-related health threats associated to water quantity and quality, and outdoor air

GS Soil: Assessment and strategic development of INSPIRE compliant Geodata-Services for European Soil Data

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INSPIRE provides the framework for the establishment of a European Spatial Data Infrastructure. The cross-border use and applicability of data requires that specific standards and rules are fulfilled by data providers. Such rules are currently being