SHOAL: Search and monitoring of Harmful contaminants, other pollutants and leaks in vessels in port using swarm of robotic fish

We have identified a cutting-edge method for monitoring pollution in ports as specified in EU Directive 2005/35. This monitoring process is currently costing approximately 350 million Euros per year in the EU. SHOAL will develop a shoal of robotic fish to analyse contaminants in water and produce a real-time map of which pollutants are in the water, in what concentrations and where these are

Localised environmental and health information services

There is a growing demand for real time and integrated environmental and health risk information. Provision of location-based services linked to the state of the environment at particular geographical locations is necessary for improving the quality of life. This is essential for mitigation of environmental-related health threats associated to water quantity and quality, and outdoor air

Progetto Cohousing 4Autism – “Villaggio Monica Migotto”

Il Progetto è in sintesi una Comunità Residenziale, Lavorativa, Terapeutica costituita da genitori di Soggetti affetti da autismo, coinvolgendo operatori, familiari, tecnici, volontari, psicologi al fine di creare un Villaggio esteso in linea con il concetto di Cohousing integrato ad attività nel territorio circostante, garantendo un percorso del dopo di noi che dia dignit