Governance and Civil Society

Online all-in-one Environmental Permit


The VROM all-in-one service for electronic submission and process of environmental permits was introduced by the Environment Permits Bill (General Provisions), henceforth referred to by its acronym WABO.The main purpose of Wabo is to

Local governments e-services portal


The portal's main task is to make local governments, public authorities and business services more accessible and user friendly to citizens and businesses. Currently, ads are designed for three services: "Real estate tax payment", "Report to the

Strategy for the sustainable development of Ghizela commune

In Ghizela, a commune in Timiş County in western Romania, public services have received a considerable boost thanks to a sustainable development strategy targeting local administration personnel. The strategy aimed at improving the quality of policy and decision-making by embedding these in a sustainable framework taking the needs of all members of society into account. Two training courses