Proteggere Pompei per le generazioni future

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The UNESCO site of Pompeii has been under excavation to varying degrees since 1748. Exposure of the excavated site as well as poor excavation techniques mean that the site has deteriorated over time. This project aims to stop and reverse the deterioration of the site while consolidating disparate sites into a single excavated area thereby extending the useable area by 23 000 m2. The project is expected to attract an average of 300 000 extra visitors per year by 2017.
Five Executive Plans have been drawn up as a way to organise and oversee the various aspects of the works. The Plan of Knowledge deals with investigating the site so that the necessary interventions can be analysed and programmed. The Plan of Works will then be used as the blueprint for implementing these interventions. Services for visitors and promotional activities will be dealt with under the Plan of Fruition, Service Improvement and Communication. The Plan of Security will deal with the security systems and tele-monitoring. Finally, the Plan of Technological Reinforcement and Capacity Building will deal with technological equipment and systems for the implementation and management of the project.

Total Investment
EUR 105.000.000

EU Investment
EUR 41.811.000