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ORIZARI + is a result of different researches which revealed the necessity to offer to potential investors, employers
and entrepreneurs one multifunctional and self-sufficient zone providing not only plots for business development
but also all the indispensable services required for a healthy working environment like green areas, common
recreation areas, commercial centers.

The total purchased area is approximately 700.000 sq.m., 350.000 sq.m. of which are presently subject to project development.

 The Project is subdivided into 4 main functional zones:

  •  Production and Industry / Light Industry: total area - 110.000 sq.m.
  • Logistic Center: total area - 90.000 sq.m.
  •  Research (Technological Park): total area - 45.000 sq.m.
  •  Commerce: total area - 70.000 sq.m.
  •  Logistic, Research and Commercial zones are located to the south having a direct access to National Road 375.
  • Production zone is located to the north behind the logistic and research zone.
  •  Every plot needs to meet the following criteria: 20% green areas, 80% Construction Density, Maximum Height – 15m, Coefficient of Construction Intensity (Kint) equals to 2,5 of the total area of the plot.
  •  Of utmost importance is the development of a technological park that shall provide support to all of the companies in the zone in order to guarantee the latest technological innovations, their competitiveness and constant formation and preparationof human resources, a kind of incubator for the enterprises.

Agricultural center

Following the detailed analyses made by our specialists we consider to emphasize on the uniqueness of our product by including the idea of developing agricultural center in the concept for the industrial zone.

The analyses are underpinned by the following advantages:


  •  No developed agricultural center in the region Development of agriculture and bio-production is a governmental priority
  •  Unlimited financial resources via EU Structural Funds
  •  Preferential terms given by financial institutions
  •  Favorable climate conditions (according to Japanese scientists Thracian Plain is one of the three areas appropriate for cultivation of vegetables)
  •  Centuries-old traditions in wine and vegetable production
  •  Appropriate soil conditions (the soil is of good chemical composition which gives specific and unique taste to cultivated product)
  • Present scientific potential – in Plovdiv are located the only one institute in Bulgaria for food technologies and the biggest agricultural institute in Bulgaria
  •  Developed market – large number of small-sized producers who are potential clients for the center as well
  •  Producers who shall be counted on to supply with raw materials
  •  Closed production cycle – “production - processing – commerce – realization” leading to better financial results