Our Mission

Ean borns from the union of three words that have been targeted and jointed together to summarize association drawing dedicated to build an virtual academy circle target to the European field, dedicated to work in a network.

Ean, wants to commit in favour of the growth initiative and local projects, that belonged or are proposed from the actors of the associated network, seeking the tools and organizational methodologies to orient the proposers, the beneficiaries and their relevant collaborative cluster for their realization.

The surplus value of this new course consists in the common matrix deriving from the associative hat and from the net knowledge sharing, with the support of instruments related to the reality of the virtual network. A tangible outcome for the associates will be to dipose and transfer knowledges and competences, finalising the application of the community policies and the thematic programmes which support the initiatives and the local development projects, for an harmonious and less onerous sustainable growth related to the european local realities.

The basic aim of EAN consits in communicate to the associated network, but also to the representatives of the “local, regional and community insitutions”, orientations, with regard to the treated subjects, in order to:

  1. Establishes permanent contacts with local and community institutions, in order to build a person net with decisional-making power;
  2. Develops a common methodology based on european knowledges;
  3. Presents proposals, concreat projects, organize debate and events at the Bruxelles base and in the countries of the associated network, spread the network best practices  and the results of their enterprises.



  1. Promotes, through EAN Social Web, an internal debate between the member of the network about the subjects related to the local development and the sustainable growth, with the aim of starting initiatives and common projects;
  2. Develops new derivation opportunities for the associated network;
  3. Starts  orientation activities useful for the network results achievement , in cohesion with the policies and the priorities of the European Commission;
  4. Uses management tools and  web database (EAN DATA WEB), in order to allow to the network  to share and manage  knowledge areas, partnerships, projects work opportunities and  employees mobilities;
  5. Spreads through the portal  WEB EAN the  network competences, the results of the works carried out by the association, in particulary,  all the important information related to the  local development and the sustainable growth;
  6. Starts initiatives and common projects which have been presented by the network;
  7. Creates partnerships and collaborative nets aimed at the presenteation of Community projects;
  8. Will represent the interest of the associated Network at the European Institutions in Bruxelles.