History of EAN

EAN was born in 2001 from an illuminated idea of a working group of experts in European Affairs, acting in Bruxelles, with the aim of enhancing the understanding of EU Institutions, policies and programmes and to boost innovation, development and internationalisation processes of  companies, non-profit organisations and Public Administrations within Europe countries.

In the following years EAN has been creating sort of  "laboratories", grouping people from different European and pre-accession countries, with the aim of  encouraging new non formal training and operative initiatives, through setting up of active networks and consequent participation to European calls for proposals and call for tenders.

In this framework, EAN has organised several courses and work-shops, mainly in Bruxelles, supported by grants, thanks to the accreditation in the database of Comenius-Grundtvig  of the European Commission DG EAC-EACEA, with following subjects: European Public call for Tenders, Sustainable Development, International Financial Institutions, Fund Raising build up, EU Programmes supporting Lifelong Learning Opportunities.

In 2012 EAN changed  its “institutional paradigma”, from in service training and growing non formal training laboratories related to European policies towards an active network partnership in order to sustain and support common projects and economic cooperation and mobility of  its members.

Nowadays EAN can counts more than 1.500 registered  from 33 countries.