Basilicata coast to coast

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The backdrop and locations of the movie promote the natural and cultural resources of Basilicata, encouraging audiences to take a tour of the region following in the footsteps of the characters on screen. This unique idea is part of a wider communication strategy for the region, including other initiatives in the visual arts and cinematography, to promote the image of Basilicata at both a local and global level.
Cinematic techniques have a unique power to capture the beauty and essence of locations on film. That is why the region of Basilicata decided to include film production among its tools of marketing and public relations to produce the movie ‘Basilicata coast to coast’. The project, which was implemented by Paco Cinematografica s.r.l, seeks to generally promote the region and its cultural identity. It is hoped that the film will increase the quality and quantity of investment in the tourist sector and spread information on the natural landscape and cultural resources of Basilicata while positioning the region as an attractive ‘brand’ in the minds of the audience. The main target audience of the movie is local residents however it has also been promoted nationally and internationally, to both general consumers and entrepreneurs.