Nuclear waste site emplacement (ACTEON)

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ACTEON is a Web application created to answer queries concerning the emplacement of the Temporary Storage Center (ATC) and the radioactive waste management. The application has been implemented by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce with the aim to facilitate the communication between the citizens and the Technical Advisory Committee, an organism that solves requests about the emplacement of the Centralized Temporary Storage.
Several neighbouring countries rely on similar institutions, which have now gathered a considerable experience on technologies for radioactive waste management; significant examples are offered by La Hague and Marcoule  (France), Sellafield (United Kingdom), Paks (Hungary), Fort St. Vrain (USA) or Habog (Netherlands), having characteristics very similar to the Spanish project. This system allows the Technical Advisory Committee to receive and resolve inquiries coming from the citizens in a more efficient way, reducing the time necessary to provide a reply and increasing the level of transparency and the quality of the communication. The citizens can rely on a fast and secure information tool on this new project; in addition, users with administrative permissions have the possibility to retrieve data from earlier requests and to perform data searches. A digital signature technology will be adopted for data sent in electronic form used to authenticate the identity of the sender and to confirm the authenticity of the information contained in the message.