Norwegian national portal for geospatial and environmental info services

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The geoNorge portal is the national portal for the national Norway Digital geospatial infrastructure. Norway Digital is a large public partnership comprising all of the important users and producers of geospatial information at national, county and local levels. The portal is the umbrella for a large number of geospatial eServices, making basic geographic information and a variety of thematic information readily available. The information currently provided by the portal enables geospatial information to be used by different communities, including public administration and environmental management bodies. The infrastructure also includes a gateway for distributing the information to non-partners and the private sector. The portal is based upon state-of-the-art technology. The components involved, the different web services and the catalogues, are all based upon standards. This allows interoperability among heterogeneous partners and distributed solutions. Where this case goes beyond state-of-the-art and provides real novelty, is the demonstration of so many partners contributing to a national solution with a large variety of content in a real geospatial infrastructure. Many nations are now providing geoportals, but mostly with information from a single agency, e.g. the mapping agency. The Norwegian geoportal has from the opening in 2004 provided content from a number of agencies and been a real joint venture. One of the factors of the success of the portal has been that up to this year, all services have been freely available for anyone, anywhere in the world. From 2007 some of the services are protected and can only be used by authorised users.