Localised environmental and health information services

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There is a growing demand for real time and integrated environmental and health risk information. Provision of location-based services linked to the state of the environment at particular geographical locations is necessary for improving the quality of life. This is essential for mitigation of environmental-related health threats associated to water quantity and quality, and outdoor air pollution.

The main goal of the Lenvis project is to develop an innovative collaborative decision support network for the exchange of location-based environmental and health services between stakeholders. Lenvis includes health indicators as an integral part of the environmental management. Lenvis furthermore aims at supporting governments in communication with the general public and in particular to address the young generation Y, by entering popular digital social networks. This is done by the development of a generic ICT solution on the basis of service-oriented architecture (SOA), providing data, information and modelling services.

The approach will be validated through test cases on fresh surface water and outdoor air quality in the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy. Lenvis facilitates collaboration between different stakeholders, such as environmental protection agencies, health institutions and service providers, policy makers, citizens in general and environmental communities in Europe.