Local governments e-services portal

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The portal's main task is to make local governments, public authorities and business services more accessible and user friendly to citizens and businesses. Currently, ads are designed for three services: "Real estate tax payment", "Report to the local government" and "What is a property tax?" The project scope includes also 5th level proactive e - service, "Report of the real property tax payment."
E - Service "Real estate tax payment" for citizens and businesses makes it possible to pay property taxes on all of its properties, using the internet. The portal is integrated with eight commercial banks, digital signature, and Mobile signature service providers, offering a large payment for services and user authentication options.

E-Services portal is funded on e-BIZness platform. e-BIZness is an integrated platform that includes a central database, integration with external systems, security system and payment processing system. Integration platform is funded on Master Index concept.

Since year 2011 ther are new e-Service for electronic fishing licencing.