Journey from wasteland to parkland

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The abandoned Bagnoli site in Naples is in the process of radical change. The site has already been the subject of plans and works in recent years on the part of the local region. The decontamination of the zone was previously co-funded by the ERDF in the 2000-2006 programme period. More recently in 2007-2013, the European Investment Bank co-funded other regeneration projects on the site. The urban development company, Bagnolifutura, will undertake the project works, however, once completed, the municipality of Naples will be responsible for managing the park.

Overall, the project aims to create an urban park and forms part of an integrated urban development plan. From a technical and financial point of view, the project will be carried out by independent lots. The current major project corresponds to the first phase of works on the park, in this case five independent lots. The work planned covers many aspects, notably the creation of an archaeological zone and parking spaces, the construction or upgrading of roads providing access to the park, the development of cycle paths and a system for producing photovoltaic energy.