HySy Vision

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The Piedmont region in northern Italy is opening up its industries to new forms of hydrogen application in preparation for the new hydrogen industry of tomorrow. HySy Lab brings together research centres, universities and small businesses to develop hydrogen-based projects. Overcoming challenges such as fuel storage on a hydrogen-powered scooter is made easier thanks to the combined expertise of the synergies formed. Harnessing the existing technical skills and expertise of the Piedmont region’s manufacturing industry was the designated task of the Hydrogen System Lab, or HySy Lab, set up in 2002 by the Environment Park. The lab seeks to apply the existing skills of the manufacturing industry to the hydrogen sector. As research institutes, universities and large companies were already involved, the HySy project targeted small businesses and their potential as key players in the hydrogen market. The project identified the major components in the hydrogen chain and assessed how the Piedmont region could supply the necessary technologies and know-how based on expertise from other industrial sectors. The small businesses had at their disposal large-scale information and technical assistance, allowing them to adapt their know-how to the requirements of the hydrogen sector as well as to develop prototype technologies as part of pilot projects.