GELSO - Local Management for Sustainability

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ISPRA - Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, started the project GELSO - Local Management for Sustainability aiming at creating a platform that allows Public Administrations, environmental associations, technicians, environmental consultants, citizens, etc to consult and to exchange good practices in local sustainability. GELSO is a useful tool for everybody interested in innovative projects addressing sustainable development of local communities. Information contained in the database gives the opportunity to create new partnerships between Public Administrations. GELSO is also a portal on sustainability and contains official documents and links to projects' sites and external resources.
The DATABASE is implemented through the collaboration of municipal, provincial and regional administrations. It is otherwise implemented with groups of projects, selected as winner of national or European calls.
The method used for collecting good practices (direct consultation of local administrations, agreements for the transfer of sectorial packages, inclusion of winning projects, exchange with other databases) gives a wide range of opportunities to be included in GELSO. There is also the possibility to mark out your own project through the web site. Projects collected or marked out are selected on the basis of set criteria for admissibility and qualification, explained on web.
Good practices are separated in several sectors: Agriculture, Building and City Planning, Energy, Industry, Land and Landscape, Local Agenda 21, Mobility, Tourism, Waste.
GELSO has started a monitoring of good practices, aiming at giving an answer to administrations' demand to get information on the method of realization of sustainability policies, results achieved, threats occurred and on the willingness to work together for the transfer of knowledge. The questionnaire used is available on web.