Environmental Electronic Exchange Language

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The Eter Project (Electronic Standardization of Environmental Data) is the reference in Spain that harmonizes and facilitates the interoperability of environmental information between private companies and Public Administrations. ETER's principal product is the Environmental Electronic Exchange Language (E3L www.e3l.es), which provides an accessible technology for all the parts interested in the process of exchange of environmental information. E3L puts at the disposal of the society a powerful tool that settles the dramatic problem of lack of understanding between the different Public Administrations . E3L is not only a language that allows the communication between computer platforms. It goes farther in its design; It provides a dictionary of environmental information and incorporates a manual of good practices supported by the specifications and functional explanations of every element that composes it. Likewise, it includes the rules of validation agreed by the Public Administrations assigned, supported by the environmental enforced legislation. E3L allows public access across the portals of the different Public Administrations, which at present include practically the whole Spanish territory, with 16 Autonomous Communities (regional governments) assigned. In next phases new thematic environmental modules will be developed.