Electric Vehicle Charging Management

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GRECO (Electric Vehicle Charging Management) meets two important needs: the essential boost to electric car among the citizens, as a key instrument for contributing to environmental sustainability and, on the other hand, the adoption of the Services Directive into Spanish law, in this case to allow free establishment of charging management companies, which supply the electric energy needed for batteries and are one of the key drivers that will enable electric vehicle to become a reality in Spain.

The main objectives of GRECO are:

1) Give response to the adoption of Royal Decree (RD) 647/2011, which defines the activity of charging management, that is to say, the offer of energy charging services for electric vehicles. It also put forward the rights and obligations of charging management companies and regulate the procedure and requirements for the development of this activity.

2) Provide a geographic information system that allows citizens to find the charging stations available in their cities and its surroundings, which form a real "electric vehicle network" available when driving their electric cars. To achieve this, charging management companies must indicate where the charging stations they own are placed and this information is displayed to the citizens through a map published in the Spanish Ministry website.

3) Offer a solution to the provisions of the Act that transposes the Services Directive (Directive 2006/123/EC). This Directive imposes legal obligations on Member States regarding effective cooperation through electronic means, in order to ensure the supervision of providers and services. Thanks to this, charging management companies will require a simple communication to begin its activity, together with a signed declaration of compliance with the legal, technical and economic requirements. This avoids the need of obtaining the relevant permissions and administrative authorization prior to the start of activity, which makes it possible to shorten the administrative approval process by more than 6 months.