Barrier-Free Nature Parks

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Two territories share a natural area. They are separated by history but not by geography. These are the Vosges of Northern France and the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzerwald) of Germany. They share the same sandstone, water and forest as well as fauna, the most remarkable example of which is the lynx. For about 15 years now, the Parc naturel régional (PNR) des Vosges du Nord and the Naturpark Pfälzerwald have worked to draw closer together thanks to the European INTERREG programmes. A thousand kilometres further south, on either side of the Alps, the four Italian nature parks of Mont Viso(*) in the Piedmont and the nearby Queyras park in France, and the parks of the French Maritime Alps (Alpi Marittime) and of the French Mercantour are doing the same.